Company History


Patrizio Agus is the inventor of the RIMAC™ system. In the 70's he directed the waterproofing of the Fluor and Marley cooling towers of the SARAS SpA petrochemical plant.


The first version of the RIMAC™ coating was developed in the civil and industrial building industry. Today's version has been improved by decades of R&D by Technova S.r.l.


The testing phase was completed in 2000, as national and international patents were awarded.


The ongoing research and development has further improved RIMAC's methods of application, and extended its fields of applications, to include anti-seismic and anti-ballistic applications, and new type of materials.


Today, the research and testing of new compounds are still evolving, and continue with the adoption of innovative fibers and panels.


Application of the RIMAC™ protective coating on the irrigation tunnels of the Tirso river, in agro Solarussa and Siamaggiore (CA).