The RIMAC™ coating protects and waterproofs surfaces suitable for pedestrians and vehicles made of concrete, stoneware and tiles, brick pavers and old bitumen polymer membranes.


Concrete supporting wall


Result after treatment with RIMAC™


Ashalt entrance to a warehouse

Final result of the area treated with RIMAC™ 


Damaged rebars

Reinforcing bars teated with RIMAC™



  • Hydraulic Constructions

- waterproofing of tanks, pipelines, dams, and canals

- water purification and treatment plants

- protection of structures exposed to marine or industrial environments

- protection, renovation and reinforcement of concrete structures


  • Paving

anti-pollution (photocatalythic action) and wear and tear protection of highway structures

- Foreign Object Damage prevention for airport servcie area concrete surfaces

- Foreign Object Damage prevention for asphalt runways

anti-pollution and wear and tear protection of service stations' paving


  • Metallic Structures

- protection of tanks

- recovering of pillars and beams


  • Buildings

- reinforced concrete covers

- recovery of building facades


  • Industrial Archeology

- recovery of concrete structures

- restoration of masonrly buildings