Buoncammino District Penitentiary - Cagliari, Italy


Status before the restoration: 


The inspection prior to the restoration revealed scaling plasters of the walls and parapets of the internal building, exposing the tuff stone bound by sand and lime mortar. The mortar's scaling and degradation was attributed to the active salts present in the tuff and mortar.


Restoration phases: 

  • demolition of the old plaster up to the tuff stone;
  • pressurized water cleaning until the wall is soaked;
  • application of a polymer-based emulsion to stabilize the active salts in the stone, and to rigenerate the mortar;
  • airless spray application of a 2 mm layer of RIMAC to insulate the masonry from the plaster;
  • medium-grain sand pouncing of the RIMAC layer, to create an optimal base for the the new plaster;
  • reconstruction of the new plaster with cement mortar;