Industrial Area Cagliari - Cagliari, Italy


Status before the restoration*: 


  • Prefab floors revealed deflections of 10 - 15 cm, with damaged and broken parts and some collapsed;
  • the bearing structures, some made with prestressed beams, were completely         damaged till to iron;
  • 70% of the walls were unsafe and to be demolished;
  • pavements were destroyed by heat;
  • fire lasted about 14 hours due to the large quantity of plastic materials stored inside.


(*) Damages caused by a fire lasting about 14 hours (due to the large quantity of plastic materials stocked inside the warehouse).

Execution of works: 


  • shoring of the floors with scaffolding and progressive demolition by use of cranes;
  • scarification of the reinforced concrete structures;
  • cleaning of reinforcing rods performed with high pressure water jet;
  • anticorrosive treatment of reinforcement rods with Rimac;
  • reconstruction of concrete cover;
  • partial and total demolition of some beams and their reconstruction;
  • reconstruction of the new walls;
  • reconstruction of roofs with metal elements.