Is Arenas Water Purification Plant - Cagliari, Italy 



Status before the restoration:

  • exposed rebars due to the degradation of the concrete cover and construction defects of the concrete;
  • gravel segregation in the concrete due to defects in the concrete;
  • 2 to 5 mm brittle layer caused by the aggressive action of external agents;
  • sewage leakages between the sedimentation tank's walls and foundations, caused by inadequate materials for the casting separations;


Restoration phases:

  • waterjet removal of the brittle concrete layer;
  • demolition of the deteriorated concrete cover, including the sliding plane of the rotating distributor;
  • filling of the visible rebars and gravel segregations with RIMAC;
  • cleaning and anti-corrosive treatment of the rebars;
  • reconstruction of the concrete cover, including the sliding plane of the rotating distributor;
  • application of a RIMAC protective coating to the internal and external walls in two cycles, spaced over time, with average thickness of 2.0 mm.